Friday, September 28, 2018

Decorate With Helium Gas Balloons

Heavenly helium balloons are perfect for any occasion; the most favourite thing is to send
balloons to the sky, decorate it on ceiling tops and hung in mid-air – it’s sensational stuff,
especially if you know all these beautiful ways to decorate with them. Check out these ideas.

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1. Cluster them

Tie them together and add a balloon weight for a smart and beautiful party table centrepiece,
extend this centrepiece upwards with growing heights of string to create a giant helium
balloon bunch for party venue corners and either side of your entrance party doors.

Make these bunches more exciting and decorative by combining shaped balloons,
different coloured latex balloons, hanging decorations and curling ribbon to create a look.
These can be made very tall for the floor or shorter and smaller for a balloon centrepiece.
Choose some simple colour or printed latex balloons to coordinate your party theme then join
some foil balloons both at the top or inside the main bunch for effect.

2. Tie them

  • Tie them back of chairs with your guest's name written on a tag instead of place
cards and to cover unsightly chairs.
  • Tie to the birthday boy or girl for play
  • Tie to party cups
  • To the ribbon on an organza or material party bag and fill with fantastic party treats.
  • In bunches of three in colour coordinating shades and matching curling strip

3. Balloon Column:

Create a column by tying two different type of balloons like latex balloons together to make
pairs/layers. To get the balloons home opt for helium balloons near me in Hyderabad.
Then tie two pairs together to form a flat four balloon layer. By inflating up the balloons to
different sizes, you can build a column with some shape.

Support the balloon column by hanging them from a single string down the centre and pinning
it to the ceiling – the helium will support the column to hand for a long time, look for
helium gas for balloons and get it from your nearby stores. It just needs some anchoring;
you could attach them onto a wooden stand. To line, the column inserts a single balloon
into the centre of the top bunch. Use thread or string to do the decorations, like garlands
and hanging decorations to complete the look.

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4. Arch them

By tying helium-filled balloons along the height of a piece of string. Attach a balloon weight
to both ends of the string. Don’t cut the string and if you fail. Find out how many balloons
you need first then opt for helium balloons online and buy as many as you want. After
arching the balloons add more small balloons to decorate such as giant number balloons.

5. Number them

With number helium balloons that spell out an age or year someone is born. The silver foil
balloons from Party Pieces are great for any party theme or venue.

6. And lastly

A helium canister from Party Pieces will fill approx 40 x standard 9″ balloons (follow the
size guide on the box) / 20 x 18″ foil balloons / 10 x 34″ large number balloons. Use this
guide to mix and match for beautiful displays.

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