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Consult a paediatrician to treat your child well!

Pediatrics is the school of medical inquiry that focuses on the care of infants, children and
adolescents. Providing medical care from birth to 18 years of age, a pediatrician near me is
a medical specialist that works as a 'healer of children' and works in hospitals and primary
care facilities. Pediatrics varies from adult medicine due to a scale of contrast between maturing
and fully developed bodies. From the size variation to the volatility that diseases, hormonal
disorders or implied consequences of mistreatment can have to practice adult practices to
children. This is the fundamental reason for the essential nature of using pediatrics for your
children’s health.

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A paediatrician is well equipped to treat the medical and sometimes mental problem that a child
faces. The children hospitals in Hyderabad can give a complete list of paediatricians with the
experience, knowledge and training to offer your children a complete solution to the potential
medical issues. Whether it is a field of pharmaceutical treatment, potential surgical procedures
or the exact nutritional requirements and promoting a diet course, a paediatrician is capable of
defining the appropriate course of medical treatment for children.  

The best children's hospital in Hyderabad may have 33 different types of paediatricians who
have their own speciality. So, it is better to know some important facts concerning the branch of

Paediatrician- They are medical professionals who specialize in treating health issues faced by
babies and children. A pediatrician is trained to treat your child's medical disorders and diseases.

When to consult?-  A paediatrician is well equipped to treat the medical and sometimes mental
problem that a child faces. A pediatrician is capable of determining nutritional requirements and
recommending a diet course.

Health Tip - Best ways to handle Tonsillitis in Kids

Tonsillitis, in the simplest terms, is the swelling of tonsils in our throat that is characterised by
symptoms like throat pain, trouble in swallowing/ drinking, altered voice and fever, etc. As in the
case of maximum infections, the existence of tonsillitis is more popular in children due to
comparatively lower immunity and habits that attract infections. Let's take a peek at the first line
of defence when you have a cranky child with distended tonsils.

1. Make your child gargle with salty warm water: This treatment is most helpful in any infection in
the mouth. Continue until the condition prevails. Make sure the child spits out the water and not drinks it.

2. Antibiotics: Consult an ENT specialist and have the antibiotics if it is a bacterial cause as per
the doctor. Take the alternative treatment prescribed in case of other causes.

3. Painkiller/numbing lozenges: These are prescribed by the doctor to help ease the pain. Same
is the case with lozenges but care should be taken that one doesn’t have too many of these.

4. Allow him/her to take rest: It does help in a betterment of the condition!

5. Give warm soothing food: Soup, ginger honey mixture, ginger tea can help soothe the inflamed
tonsils in most cases.

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