Thursday, July 20, 2017

Types of Surgery for Epilepsy: Options, Risks, Effectiveness, and More

Usually, to control seizures from happening medication is commonly taken, but it does not work for most people suffering from this and in a few cases the person cannot tolerate the side effects that this medication causes which usually tends to cause unease and may affect the functioning of the person. Cases like these the patient may need brain surgery. A neurosurgeon in Hyderabad can help with this problem. This is one of the few options that are readily available. The operation involves controlling the seizures and helping improve the quality of life for the patient. Mainly the operation involves the removal of the segment of the brain that causes seizures, and the nerve pathways are disrupted from sending impulses to the brain.
Best neurosurgeon in Hyderabad can help identify the issue in its early stages. And in a few cases, a device is implanted to control epilepsy. This surgery is not for everyone and it should be only done if the symptoms are severe as they may disrupt the day to day life of the patient. Mainly if the seizures are so severe that they disable the person. When medication does not help in reducing the symptoms, and even after the medication is taken and it affects the quality of life and the side effects are unbearable by the person. Patients suffering from heart-related issues and cancer are advised from refraining from surgery and it may cause more complications. A Neurosurgeon in Hyderabad can help with this problem. The options for different surgeries depends on the size of seizures and the origin in the brain that it starts at. Options for surgeries vary from
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  • Lobe Resection- In the brain, the largest part called the cerebrum is divided into four paired sections called as lobes within which frontal, occipital, parietal and temporal lobes. The temporal lobe epilepsy that is caused in the temporal lobe area of the brain where the seizures are focused, this is more common in teens and adults usually. And the operation involves the identification of the brain tissue that usually is causing the seizures is focused.
  • Lesionectomy- Commonly the surgery is required to remove the brain lesions which are the areas of injury or defect which occurs in the form of a tumor or malformed blood vessel that is the main cause of seizures. Once the lesion is removed the seizures tend to stop.

Depending on the type of surgery that is done, most people tend to be completely seizure free after the procedure is done. Best neurosurgeon in Hyderabad can help identify the issue in its early stages.And in a few cases the seizures may occur, but in a more limited amount and reduced far more than previously. Some of the issues that may occur when this surgery is done are infections and bleeding that may occur or if the patient is allergic to anesthesia, these being quite common during surgery. Or even making existing problems worse by creating new problems in the way the brain works making the patient lose vision or speech and in worse cases, memory or movement.

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