Monday, July 31, 2017

Everything you should know about salwar kameez

Do you want any look like a stylish diva by wearing salwar kameez? But the problem you can never get it right. Either it makes you look weird or it highlights your problem areas or just does not look as good as your friends’ or your colleagues’.

Salwar kameez is one of the most popular Indian Ethnic Wear after Saree. Salwar Kameez is the traditional wear for women in Punjab, Haryana and also in Himachal Pradesh but it is now popular all across the country. It is in fact the favourite of the maximum women in the country.

It consists of few loose trousers which are narrowed at the bottom (salwar) and also a tunic top (kameez). Women generally wear a dupatta/scarf to cover their head and also shoulders and which are drawn over the bosom. The dress is most popular with the teenage and for the unmarried women. Even Bollywood celebrities to have loved this beautiful traditional wear. There are several types of salwars and few suggestions you should check those which are definitely to add some more style in your dressing. You can buy dresses online.

Watch out the Salwar kameez length: The length of the Salwar Kameez must be adequate. Long salwar suit will look good but not with typical salwars like afghani style, patiala style and also normal salwar. For a long kameez, you’ll need salwars like palazzos, trouser style and parallels. Remember that the right length of the kameez is just below the knees, so if you are not sure what length of kameez will be good, just go for this option. You can opt online shopping for women.

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Choose the right choice of fabric: You can either show your body curves with this fabric dress or show your flab. The choice is yours. Light fabrics will generally help you to look slimmer and thus, better. Try to just avoid net fabric and fabric tissue if you have a heavy body frame because they are heavy and also they are fluffy fabrics which may also make you look bulkier. salwar kameez online shopping gives you variety dresses.

Length of Your Sleeves: While long sleeves are trend in these days, you must still give a good amount of attention to the length of the sleeves. You should not go for sleeveless Kameez if your arms are bulky. Full length sleeves would really help you to make those flabby arms look a bit toned.

Choose the exact color: Dark colors like maroon, blue and green will help you look slimmer and smart. But don’t go for extra dark colors if you have a dark complexion. Few pastel colors like peach, aqua and soft green look really good and beautiful on slim women with the fair complexion.

Choose the correct style: There are large number of styles in Salwar Kameez which are available in the market these days like A shaped suits, asymmetrical, Chinese and so on. Choose the right one that would go by your body type. What is trendy might not make you look good. So, take a moment and also analyze what is good for you and what not.

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