Monday, May 29, 2017

What a school should possess

A school is a place where a number of students will come and learn new things every day. People treat educational institutions as Temples because it is a place where ample of knowledge is grasped by the students and is termed as the basement of a child’s career.

What are the considerations you must follow while joining your kid in a school:

  1. It should teach your kids in such a way that they need to know each and every aspect of a subject in detail.
  2. The school must develop the child to learn how to speak in public effectively.
  3. The school must possess a good infrastructure.
  4. The school must give equal importance to curriculum and extracurricular activities.
  5. The school must treat each and every student in the same manner either he is dull or clever.
  6. It should have a library, laboratory, Playground for sure.

All the above-mentioned points are with Delhi public school Hyderabad. Here in Delhi public school, you can find your children in such a way that they can speak in public effectively irrespective of the topic given. In this school, you can find an overall development of children in all the aspects whether it is technical or nontechnical.

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It provides a strong basement to your children by teaching them the way to develop language skills and communication skills with separate sessions apart from the curriculum. The Delhi public school Hyderabad has faculty who are having a profound understanding of the subject. The teachers here will interact with you kids cordially and allows them to speak fluent English which is a part of language skills as mentioned earlier.
Most schools will just concentrates on the curriculum. But the delhi public school in Hyderabad will into each and every aspect and always strives hard for the betterment of your child to improve him in all the divisions starting from minor goals to major goals and giving proper guidance to your children for their better survival in the society.

Even with the invention of various new schools the delhi public school in Hyderabad didn’t lost its reputation and is growing day by day with its branches opening in various places and is not limited to a particular state. Some of the schools in the country are affiliated to Central board of Secondary Education(CBSE) and some of them are affiliated to Indian Certificate of secondary education(ICSE). DPS is also having branches in abroad.

The syllabus designed in DPS is in such a way that it covers most of the interesting factors which help the students to gain good knowledge in this competitive world.
The biggest asset for DPS is the staff there are having because all they have achieved as of now is only because of them.

The fee structure of DPS hyderabad is:

One time Admission Fee - Non Refundable - 75000 + 5000 ( Caution Money )
Yearly Annual Fee- ( Payable in 3 installment ) -
Nursery to Prep - Rs 73000/-
Class 1 to 5  - Rs 79000/-
CLass 6 to 10 - Rs 87000/-
class 11 and 12 - Rs 94000/-


Transport Fees:
upto 5 km - 27600/-
upto 5km and below 10 km - rs 29400/-
Above 10 KM - Rs 31500/-

Mess Fee ( Lunch Only ):
Class 1 to 5  - Rs 15500/-
Class 5 to 12 - Rs 16500/-
Note: Books, Uniform, and activity fee are not included in the fees
Note: Fee will be increased every year by 10 to 15%

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