Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Things to Know About Buying Flowers on this Valentine's Day

When it comes to getting someone flowers on the Valentine's Day or any other holiday for that matter things can get pretty hectic. A fresh cut off the bouquet of your partner's favorite blooms can speak volumes, but there are a lot of questions that arise.

So what do you pick for Valentine's Day?

Flowers are one of the most common Valentine's Day gifts but it is hard to choose well. Additionally, you often have to pick them up in advance and make sure that you don't kill them while you wait to give them to your significant other.

Obviously, roses are a go-to varietal for the season, but few items like tulips, anthurium, and amaryllis are also great in-season additions to Valentine's Day arrangements. Oriental Lilies, Stargazer Lilies, Hyacinth, and Garden Roses can be a pack of fragrant punch similar to roses.
If you were putting off shopping for Valentine's Day, then it is the time to wake up and smell the roses.

Almost 40% of people will buy flowers for the holiday, spending a total some amount according to a National Retail Federation survey. More than 60% of those purchases roses. You can order online delivery of flowers with free shipping charges.

Here are five things to know if you are buying flowers:

Red roses are more expensive now:

Red roses are especially the long-stemmed kind are considered as "overpriced" particularly on the Valentine's Day.

While wholesale prices vary by depending on location, florists say that they typically pay twice as much for roses in the
early February than they do at most other times of the year. An increased transportation costs and extra charges are among the reasons often given for why rose prices are inflated around now.

Think pink (or white):

Pink or White roses are absolutely stunning, and often the pink roses come a little bit more fragrant than white. If you are looking for the best flower bouquets prefer online bookey delivery.
Tropical and spring flowers are popular alternatives to roses:

If you are looking to branch out from the typical red roses, there are plenty of options. Tulips are one to get by the people who are looking forward to spring. Hydrangeas, gardenias, freesia, hyacinths, and succulents, as well, while alstroemerias and daisies are some of the most popular purchases for the Valentine's Day. There are many online bookey delivery sites are available in the market.
Put the flowers in a Mason jar:

Channel your dream to board by putting flowers in a Mason jar, giant apple juice bottle, and funky glass container, or adapting whatever you might have around the house since the professional arrangements can drive up the cost. If you want to buy flowers easily opt for online delivery of flowers.
Men like flowers, too:

Orchids are the great plants to send to men so they can put them in their offices, personal room and wherever they want.
Sure, some couples will plan romantic Valentine’s Day, it is fast approaching, but it is very likely the gifts won’t be bought until the day before what with many of you relying on special flowers to propose the word ‘I LOVE YOU’.

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