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Know amazing history of cakes!!

Birthdays are the most important occasions in everyone’s life. They are popularly celebrated all over the world with lots of wishes, celebrations, cheers and gifts. Birthday celebrations featured with a long way back in the history of mankind. The modern day birthday celebrations are a long time of different traditions from all over the world. The tradition of Birthday cakes is particularly discovered back to the ancient German festival of the kinder fest.
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It is the day a person came to life and to this world. Birthdays will mark new beginnings, renewals and hope and birthday are the celebrations of life itself. Birthdays are one of the most familiar life events celebrated all over the world. They are joyous occasions filled with lots of wishes, cheers, and gifts. If you want birthday cakes to your doorstep online birthday cake in Bangalore.

The tradition of birthday celebrations will go back deep in history. It is considered that earliest birthday celebrations were held as a means to ward off evil spirits which believed were particularly attracted to people on their birthdays. People would gather together with the birthday celebrant by keeping him or her away from the evil spirits. To protect the Birthday celebrant from harm, family and friends would come along with gifts such as “Noisemakers” are also used at birthday parties as a way of scaring away the evil spirits. It is also believed that the prayers, gifts, and wishes of the guests were effective against the spirits.

Traditionally it was only the rulers, the rich and privileged class who were recognized as important enough to have a birthday celebration. The tradition of children’s birthday parties is considered to have first started in Germany at the festival of the kinder fest.  The Germans typically baked cakes at the kinder fest in the shape of baby Jesus and from there the origins of the birthday cakes are traced. The custom of lighting candles on birthday cakes originated with excessively by the age as people believed that the smoke from the candles would lift their prayer to the gods who were supposed to live above more. When people blow out the candles and make a wish it is another way of sending a signal or a message.

Many cultures all over the world have their own traditions. The Buddhists celebrate the anniversary of Buddha's birth while the Sikhs celebrate the anniversary of the birth of the founder of their religion, Guru Nanak. People in China celebrate their birthday on New Year’s Day. In Canada, birthday boys and girls are “ambushed” and their noses greased with butter in order to separate off bad luck. The Bible also mentions the story of the birth of Jesus Christ. The three magic came bearing gifts for the newborn Jesus and for nearly 2,000 years, the Christian world has honored the birth of Jesus as Christmas festival. You can order cake online in Bangalore for the low price.

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Modern day birthday celebrations are a high of different traditions that has filtered down the ages from all over the nations.  The birthday celebrations may different in style and traditions may vary from one culture to another but the essence of the celebrations remains the same. Birthdays are celebrations of life and the joy of it. They are memorable occasions meant to be spent with our near and dear people. Married couples also celebrate birthdays together by order cake online in Bangalore for both wife and husband. And an online birthday cake in Bangalore is the ideal gift for birthday celebrations in a marital relationship.

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