Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Everything you need to know about DevOps

While it seems that the IT world is rushing to embrace the concept of DevOps, but not everyone agrees on the term what is DevOps. Pivoting toward something that is still a bit fuzzy might sound alarms in your company, but you might not be able to afford to wait to implement the same development in practice.
If you want to stay one step ahead of the competition in the war for market share, then you will first have to know that many tech companies have begun to fundamentally shift how they work to increase the velocity with which they build, the test and release software. So, what originally started from the agile movement is right now evolving into a new philosophical way of working - DevOps.
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Here is what we have come up with the question ‘What is DevOps?’ and why DevOps so far!

DevOps is not just a replacement of any agile or lean methodologies, it is so much as a supplement to them. It is the fills in the gaps in order to help tech companies break down their functional stovepipes, automate as much as possible in the spirit of quality and speed, and refine their operational process to allow for velocity which was unheard of a decade ago.
The thought of a tech company deploying 10 updates to an app in a day was preposterous just a few years back. But those who have made the shift to the DevOps environment are now embracing DevOps in a good pace.

It is a culture thing:
Any organizational psychologist who specializes in the workplace culture will find the topic of DevOps a fascinating case study. The tech organizations are now challenging their long-standing assumptions and beliefs and shifting deeply held ways of working to allow for a significantly better collaboration as well as the velocity.
DevOps is more about how we do it:

The technology infrastructure and the evolving processes are critical in successfully transforming a company to DevOps principles. However, at the end of the day, DevOps is about how the work gets done, and how all the people interact with the other and with the technology to drive performance.
Finding or developing DevOps talent:
Finding people who had done DevOps tools online training and with the amazing talent is almost magical and is difficult. Fortunately, there is a clear career path for the talent as they can be the example for the next generation techies. Plenty of DevOps people come up through the infrastructure technology path due to the heavy reliance on the scripting as well as the configuration management in DevOps. But then the QA analysts are well-versed in automation and it may end up running DevOps too.
The DevOps talent typically doesn't come from IT. Engineers who are working in IT, are a better fit. No matter if they have manufacturing experience where the LEAN has been instantiated for some time, well, then it is even better. As this market is a competitive one in regards to the talent acquisition, it is been easier to grow the talent through DevOps tools online training internally for a couple of reasons: Competition is fierce, and each and everyone wants to wear the DevOps tag on their CV!

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