Thursday, December 1, 2016

Top 5 cakes that are chosen especially for birthdays

Everybody deserves an awesome homemade cake on their birthday and this makes your birthday even more special and fantastic. The cake covered with over the top butter and topped with  sugar confectioneries and stuffed with fluffy frosting makes the even cake more delicious. These online order services have made the reach of cakes simpler and hassle free. You can order cake online in Hyderabad which is just a few clicks away. Check out some awesome cakes with special designs and unique shapes which make the party more cheerful and fantastic. There are numerous cakes available with different shapes and designs with special topping and different flavors.

Chocolate cake :

What is better rather than chocolate cake.Choose a rich chocolate cake with a moist choco layer and topped with  fudge icing makes the most intense for choco lovers. If that sounds like an overload of chocolate cream on the cake. Try the  fudge icing with choco cake with  the basic two-layer or even proceed to eight layers. Get this delicious and mouth watering  online birthday cake in Hyderabad.

Butter (or Oil) Cakes :

Pound Cakes: This is one of the simplest butter cake, The classic pound cake is made with  butter, sugar, eggs, and flour.  They have a dense and  tender texture which is slightly heavier than other  butter cakes of several layers.

They are actually easy to prepare with a small trick, Choose  butter  that is quite soft  and has high quality. Usually, These cakes are lightly flavored and  consumed plain or topped with a simple glaze  and water icing. The pound cake is baked in a loaf . There are a variety of pound cakes similar to  coffee cakes, sour cream cakes, and fruit crumb cakes. You can order cake online in Hyderabad.

Angel Food Cake:

This type of cake is  made with only  egg whites and includes no yolks. The egg whites are whipped along  with the sugar until it turns firm before the flour is folded,  This process results in  a snowy white colored, airy, and delicate cake that is well versed with fruit. Most of these cakes are spongy and of a chewy kind made from high sugar content. The absence of egg yolks can be felt as it is of chewy nature.

Bake it in a  ungreased tube pan and these cakes is cooled by being inverted the pans, Because this type of cake would collapse if inverted and  cooled upside  in the pan or when it  removed from the pan while the cake is  still warm.

There are many different varieties of cakes and are categorized into several flavors, shapes and sizes. But cakes made  professional bakers have a rich taste as the  ingredients are well mixed . They take special precautionary measures to increase the taste and texture of the cake. The cakes are of different flavors made by chocolate, some made by fresh fruits and vary according to the requirements. You can get the online birthday cake in Hyderabad within a span of time and it guarantees quality, taste, and texture. Make your birthday special with  these crispy and crunchy cakes.

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