Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Mobile PPC - Product placement right into the hands of your Customers !!

We are all familiar with the Game of Thrones quote “Winter is coming”, Similarly  this phrase suits in the PPC marketing “Mobile is coming”. The dawn of mobile advertising has been started and will emerge as a big player in the future markets. Businesses have to target customers through mobile rather than desktop traffic. We can witness a huge transition by this data. Two years ago, mobile had an only small fraction in fetching traffic to the website. But the situation is not the same anymore. Presently the majority of the clicks and 50 percent of desktop traffic is through mobiles. The statistics have reflected that mobile saw 98% growth year-over-year in Q2 2014.

Gear up with a PPC management company for advanced marketing strategies and catch the customers to the business. By signing up with the Best PPC management company in India you can improve your mobile performance and can get surprising results.

Currently, App-based marketing is fetching huge traffic to the websites involving mobile apps as direct platforms for ads.Because  80% of users spend their  time  engaging  with apps, you don’t need to create an app for  yourself to get into the action.  There are many services like  Google AdMob which help advertisers to create ads within the third party apps. Even, Facebook allows the  customers to create ads that are integrated into Facebook’s mobile app. You can promote ads which easily integrates with news feed and the user’s don't even realize they are watching ads.

Equip your  business needs with  a mobile marketing strategy with the best PPC management company in India. it’s the perfect time to start mobile ad’s in the major cities. People are glued to their smartphone screens and the survey also supports the fact that almost 40% of users’ time is spent on  their mobile devices. We simply cannot ignore this option and have to try many  healthy varieties of mobile marketing strategies and simply adopt a right  kind of strategy that works best for your business which  depends on your industry, target audience, and budget.

Another major strategy you can follow is In-game mobile marketing. This refers to  mobile ads which appear within mobile games and appears as banner pop-ups, full-page image ads and sometimes as video ads that appear on the  loading screens.

QR codes  is another innovational method to target audience,As the  User scans the QR code they will be redirected to the web page. This codes can be linked with mobile gamification, but also has a mystery aligned with them, because the user does not always scan the code.

Location-based marketing is a technique used by a leading PPC management company which allows targeting the customers according to the location. Location-based mobile ads based upon a user’s location within a specific area helps the small business to promote their products. A small business can get to customers within the 2 km radius of their business.
These features figure out the potential customers within your region and the easy to reach options can generate a lot of traffic  to the site , which in turn converts into business deals.

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