Wednesday, November 2, 2016

How to export events from salesforce CRM to your google calendar

Salesforce and Google have a host that is Saas - Software as a Service applications and these both organizations give APIs permit their developers to access the huge data stores of information that power these applications and that is when the things begin to get fascinating when we consolidate both sets of the APIs. Google Apps keep on being utilized increasingly as a part of the enterprise setting and Salesforce has fabricated a broad platform for building custom business applications, so there are numerous open doors for the salesforce developer, what you think is absolutely right! Yes, it’s you! They invite you to join the force of Google as well as the Salesforce.

In this article we will show you the generally accepted methods in order to utilize the RESTful Google Data APIs to begin building the mashups for an enterprise, it doesn’t matter even if you are just beginning with the Salesforce development platform or the Google Data convention. Here, we will help you setup your environment.

How to export events to Google Calendar :

There is a Mashup application which lets you export events from Salesforce to Google Calendar. The application of Google Spreadsheets will show you how to build a Google calendar Mashup. If you are a salesforce developer, then you can probably integrate and use this Google Calendar application even without any instructions. But for the beginners here are the simple steps.
  • Install the google Mashup application
  • Configure AJAX proxy
  • Add ‘Add to Google’ button in the event detail page
  • Export an event

How to interact with Google Spreadsheets ?

On the off chance that you take a look at the Google Calendar, then you will see that the ‘gcal_snippet.scf’ the record contains a deliberation for a Google Calendar server. To connect with Google Spreadsheets, you will have to make a comparative record for a Google Spreadsheets server. Use the code for Salesforce AJAX intermediary and validate it with Google AuthSub as well as supplanted the capacity that composes Google Calendar with one that composes data to the Google Spreadsheets. Next, add the JavaScript to the export_contacts.scf S-Control to inquiry Salesforce for contact data and compose it to a Google Spreadsheet. Getting information out of Salesforce is very simple.
The Google Spreadsheets data API uses a subdomain so before coding work, you will have to configure the AJAX proxy server and add the spreadsheets.
In addition to that, you will also need to go to Google Docs in order to create a new spreadsheet so that it can hold your data. Ensure that you save it before you do anything further.
Once you finish uploading the S-Controls, you will be able to export the contact details to a Google Spreadsheet. Do you have any idea about the other way? Now, with your new knowledge of Salesforce development as well as the Google Data APIs you can write some code to import the contact information from the Google Spreadsheets into Salesforce.

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